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Born April 14, 1967
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

His bio in his own words:

"creative earthling working at large" ...

He says he survived a brain tumor, evidently in 2001, and is going in for a final operation today, May 20, 2003.  Let's hope this takes care of things and he has no more problems.

Woolvett wins lawsuit against producer

HAMILTON (CP) -- Hamilton native Jaimz Woolvett's career was put on hold because of a contract dispute with a
television producer.
But in court Friday, the actor won back the freedom to pursue his life's dream -- along with a $3.2 million award.
Woolvett had a minor, but important, role in the 1992 Clint Eastwood movie Unforgiven. With the movie's box office
success, he was soon in demand.
"He was definitely on the rise," said Hamilton lawyer Ray Harris. "Anybody associated with an Oscar-winning movie has
heat, and he was on the fast track."
Woolvett accepted a starring role in a TV series called White Fang, to be shot in New Zealand by producer Guy Mazzeo of Neverland Studios.
Midway through the show's second season, however, Woolvett's paycheques stopped arriving and after finishing six episodes without pay, he made his own way back to Canada.
In February 1994, Woolvett was offered $3.2 million to take the lead role in a new weekly series based on the successful
Lonesome Dove mini-series. But the offer was withdrawn after Mazzeo threatened to sue, claiming he still had the actor under contract.
Robert Halmi, chief executive officer of Hallmark Entertainment, producer of the Lonesome Dove projects, said in a videotaped deposition that Woolvett was his first choice for the series lead, but because Mazzeo has kept him off television for two years his interest waned.
The judgment awarded Woolvett $1.8 million for interference in the Lonesome Dove contract, $1 million for lost
opportunities, plus court costs and interest.
After the hearing, Woolvett said he felt he had been set free.
"Every time I had a chance to audition for a TV series, I was afraid this guy would come crawling out of the woodwork," he said. "It's not the dough, it's the freedom I want."

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